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Iwanami Restaurant is opened in 2007. We are  well known of using fresh seafood from different places of Japan. We use Japanese seafood as the basic ingredients to create delicious cuisines such as tempuras, seasonal sashimi, creative sushi and Edomae Sushi.
We are the first one to combine tempura bar with sushi bar in order to bring the freshest food and show our passion of cooking to our customers. Moreover, we also provide Japanese dishes and barbecue grill seafood for customers to choose from.

The name of Iwanami
The name of our restaurant consists of the meanings of ‘Rock’ and ‘wave’. ‘Rock’ stands for the perseverance of the seeking of good quality. ‘Wave’ stands for  the sustainable imports of  the freshest ingredients from Japan. Our crew aims at serving each customer deep from our hearts. We hope all customers can have a great experience in our restaurant.

About Us

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